Powered by LOD, Life With Law is a series of events offering inspiration and ideas for living a good, happy and satisfying life (whilst practising law).

About lifewithlaw

We like working with lawyers because they’re thoughtful, intelligent and tell us good stories (and yes, we know there are exceptions). Though they’re good at helping clients, lawyers are not always so good at managing their own lives – or at helping their team to manage theirs. Life With Law is here to provide a forum for lawyers to find inspiration and ideas about life and work. We invite some of the best speakers to help you to reflect and then make your ideas happen.

Life With Law was created by the team at LOD. Notwithstanding our heritage, Life With Law is not about promoting any particular direction or path, but simply to help lawyers to locate those thoughts that are probably already sitting in the back of their head somewhere. And we want to do that with a smile. Life With Law is a work in progress – we don’t know where it will go but if you’re curious we’d like to hear from you. Do sign up for our events or register to keep in touch.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.